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Name:Raven Angelina Jones
Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:✿ dreamlikenewyork

Raven Angelina Jones Raven Angelina Jones was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. She was the middle child of five, with two older brothers and two younger. Hence why she was spoiled rotten and pampered like a princess by her mom and dad, Timothy and Angelina. Her parents were very well off, with her father having a PhD and being a Professor and Researcher in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University, where he had attended himself, and her mother an ex-international model turned lingerie designer with her out string of trendy boutiques across America and one in Milan.

Angelina always yearned for a daughter, and from the moment Raven was born, she was determined to get her into beauty pageants. She was a bit of a crazy pageant mom once Raven started, but only four pageants in at the age of seven, Raven threw the biggest and most embarrassing tantrum on stage in her $5000 beauty dress... and Angelina never entered her in another pageant. With both her parents so busy with their careers, Raven spent a lot of time with her brothers, the older two of which often babysat her when her folks were tied up. Because of this, Raven grew up a tomboy. There was no escaping it. She loved to get dirty, she loved to play rough, and for awhile there, she harboured an ambition to become an archaeologist.

It never eventuate, though. She had a flare for the dramatics and loved to perform. She always scored the leads in school plays, and excelled in drama and theatre studies right through school. Because of this, she ended up being accepted into Drama at Juilliard in New York City, and she was over the moon. She adored every second of college, and during these years, she actually began to book little acting jobs here and there. Short appearances in TV shows, even a semi-prominent role in a Broadway show in the final year of college. She's always been a bit of a boisterous and bright personality, with a wicked dry sense of humour that had her oldest brother telling her she had a flare for comedy and should become a stand-up comedian. She could probably pull it off too... if she pretended it was an acting role. As to her sexuality, Raven is a lesbian, and though she never saw herself as 'closeted' she did like to keep her private life to herself and always kept a good smokescreen over her sexuality so people could make up their minds for themselves what she was or wasn't (straight usually being the default, of course).

Raven's big break in her acting career came right after she graduated from Juilliard. She auditioned for a role in a brand new medical drama about to begin set in New York called NYMD. It was for the lead female role of an Emergency Room doctor called Dr Harper Willis, who has a bit of a sordid past of being the mistress to a high-flying New York CEO with a secret that she once helped a patience die via euthanasia. The character was to begin to cavort secretly with one of the shows lead male characters, Caden Palmer, to be played by gorgeous Aussie hunk, Braden Kelly. She scored the role, and the TV show took off like an ignited flame, climbing up the TV ranks quickly with a massive fan following.

Raven never expected to ever hit the big time like this. Or, more importantly, she never expected to meet her soul mate and fall in love because of it. Lori Price was a roving entertainment TV reporter with an a-list profile of her own. She interview Raven on the red carpet of her first Golden Globe awards and they hit it off even more at the after party, which they left together to go back to the hotel and had hot sex sex until the wee hours of the morning. They kept seeing each other casually from then on whenever Lori was back in New York, but Raven began to get nervous about the exposure their relationship might get if they came out publicly, and how it might impact on them. She didn't want to risk it, so she and Lori spoke at length to Raven's agent, Aiden Lewis, who happened to have a perfect plan of action for them... they would become 'beards' for another hushed homosexual relationship in the entertainment biz.

Axel Beckett and Chase Walker from the popular Australian boy band, Electricks, were apparently in a serious relationship together behind the scenes of their flashy popstar life. They wanted to keep their relationship under wraps too, and even though Raven had a little bit of a thrill at being 'in on' this juicy showbiz gossip, she was ready to jump into the job with bells on. It helped that both Axel and Chase were absolute sweethearts, and Raven and Lori had no issue at all adopting them straight away, and vice versa. Soon gossip began to spread that Raven was dating Chase, and Lori dating Axel, and with the power of the internet these days, the seed was planted with the expert skill of Aiden and his PR red herrings.

Raven is an original character is for musebox/psl, dreamlikenewyork

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